A Rainy Day

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I woke up early on Saturday, I could smell rain in the air and confirmed by looking out of the large window. I decide that I will stay in today watch a few movies and cook dinner early.

I placed on my robe and slide my feet into my slippers, I decide to have some fruit for breakfast and then surf the web.

I slice up an apple, pear and some cheese. I placed them nicely around the plate as not to disturb the wedges of cheese in the center. I put down my plate on my computer desk and signed into windows; I checked the daily news alerts and checked my email. Tons of spam but no emails for me, I decide to unsubscribe from each email to hopefully minimize the amount that will appear in my in box tomorrow.

After 20 minutes I decide to groom myself, I placed my plate into the sink and headed over to my full length mirror in my bedroom. I glide my caramel colored hands through the tie on my robe and allowed it to drop around my ankles. I love to see myself naked; I never look to criticize but to admire every wrinkle, curve and dimple. I turn to the side first and admire that with such large breast they still look perky; my eyes scan past my stomach and onto my round ass. I smack it for good measure and laugh at the action, my eyes venture down to my thighs and then my ankles and feet.

I turn to the back and notice a few stretch marks from gaining that extra 10 pounds, I rub over them lightly a little disappointed but not disgusted. I turned to the front and admired my stomach not flat and ripped but smooth and curvy. I smooth my hands along my stomach and ran my fingers through my mound, I shook my head in agreement with my mind that I needed a trim not bear but cut lower.

I stepped out of the robe and walked to the bathroom, I searched in the hutch that was over my toilet and located a fresh canlı bahis shaver and some shaving cream. I ran the tub water and began to first wash off; I lathered up with some Dove cool moisture soap and started to wash my arms and stomach first. I rinsed off and lathered again, I paid special attention to my vagina and anus making sure to wash and rinse with care. As my hand parted my lips I sighed a little at the mild sensation that went into my thighs. I exhaled and started to lather my legs to shave, it took me a few minutes as I was just touching up.

I positioned the suction cupped mirror to view my vagina and briefly admired my perfect pussy; to me every woman should admire her body and be proud. I made sure to work the cream into a good lather and started to cover ever inch of hair, I shaved the upper part bear and trimmed the lips and anus. I rinsed and re rinsed to make sure all stray hairs were gone, I unclipped my hair and washed with herbal essences my thick curly hair falling to the middle of my back sent shiver’s through my spine.

No need to do my nails they were still fresh. It was nearing 12PM and the rain started to pound my skylight harder. The sound of rain drained out all the sounds of the city and made me feel sensual and sexy. Before rubbing myself down with baby oil I lit a few candles and changed my bed sheets, I decided I would explore my body further. I enjoyed adult movies but decided to allow the rain and my imagination to inspire my needs. I grabbed some more fruit and some caramel sauce that was lightly warmed; I brought them to the room and sat them down on the table next to the bed. I positioned the full length mirror to the edge of the bed; last minute idea was to bring out my vibrating suction cup dildo. It wasn’t a huge 10 incher but it was a nice thick 7.5 inch cock, I made sure bahis siteleri to buy one that had bulging veins throughout.

I closed my door I always do it even though I know no one is coming home, I live by myself. I turned off the light and TV but cracked the window and opened the blinds slightly. It was raining so hard no one would see me even if they tried.

I lie on the smooth sheets and dropped a little oil onto my stomach the coolness made my stomach pulse. I closed my eyes and envisioned a female leading me to the roof a of major city complex in the pouring rain. The city below bustling, tons of people rushing to get to shelter unaware of the heated passion happening above their heads, as she slipped out of her rain coat and exposed her naked frame she massaged her breast. After her nipples were completely erect she walked ever so seductively to me and gestured to me if it was ok to disrobe me. I nodded and she removed my all black trench raincoat, as the rain hit my body I could feel the drops of rain tease my nipples until they matched the mystery female.

As my mind played out my erotic fantasy I rubbed the baby oil over my breast and on my stomach, around to my back and over my round soft ass. I gripped my ass and it sent chills through out my clit, the throbbing made me moan ever so lightly. As I switched back into my fantasy the rain felt as if it got warmer, the mystery female admired my freshly shaven pubic hairs, she directed me without words to the stone stair. Without ever touching my leg she kissed my thighs open, taking a deep breath to smell my pure flowing juices she stuck out her tongue and suckled on my closed lips.

I moaned out loud at the intensity I felt with this simple action, she took her thick tongue and glided it into my throbbing and waiting vagina. Before paying attention bahis şirketleri to my clit she licked around it moistening my clit with a mix of saliva and my natural moisture.

I didn’t want to cum quickly so I took my time to enter my finger onto my clit, working this part would surly have me cumming in less than five minutes. I folded a firm pillow and positioned my self over the bump; I rubbed myself over the bump back and forth and then side to side. I wanted to pop back into my fantasy but the pleasure I was feeling made me want to experience it without the fake story line.

I gyrated my hips and tightened my clit I could feel that internal burning rising in my stomach so I decided enough with the pillow. I took a piece of fruit and dipped into the still warm caramel sauce, I drizzled some onto my breast and stomach the warmth excited my pleasure.

I sucked the caramel sauce off the fruit a cool breeze made me feel a chill but the warmth from the fruit made my nipples warm and tingly.

Feeling that I was nearing my peek I located the large vibrating dildo and turned the speed on low, I entered into my walls and began to rub my now throbbing clit. The pleasure from the veins of the cock imprinting on my internal walls made me get closer to Cumming. I sat on all fours and positioned myself to see the action in the mirror; I position the dildo on a self made weight and started to ride the cock. I looked in the mirror I ventured to my anus and took my other hand to my clit. I rubbed and humped until I could no longer hold on.

I allowed my self to released as I quivered and moaned in pure delight. My body convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure ran through my body.

I was so numb from the pleasure that I could no longer ride the cock. I laid down with the penis still large inside my throbbing pussy and drifted off into a restless state, as I drifted off to sleep the penis slipped slowly out of my vagina and in my blissful sleep I smiled as every inch that slipped out gave me a mild sense of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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