A night out on the town

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It happened almost exactly a year ago. I live in one of the suburbs of a large Texas city. It was the end of April and I was about to celebrate my 30th birthday. A friend I will refer to as Mark had flown in from Tampa to spend a few days with my wife and me and to celebrate my B-day, of course. We hadn’t seen each other in years, so I was excited.

I picked him up at the airport; we got some alcohol and headed home. It was a pleasant, warm Friday night – there was excitement and anticipation in the air. I told my wife this was going to be the boys-night-out and we can spend the other nights he was visiting at home or at least taking it easy and not being out too late. She was a little apprehensive. Of course we’re going to be careful, of course we are not going to strip clubs, of course we’re not going to get in trouble. Come on, you know me well – been married for half a decade, for crying out loud. Mark assured her he’ll take care of me, blah, blah, blah. We had a few drinks at home and got a cab, knowing fully well we won’t be able to drive our drunk asses back.

As soon as we got into the cab, I told the driver to take us to one of the best strip clubs in town. I wanted to show my friend how to have a good time in Texas and this was definitely on top of my list. Initially, I thought of taking him to the trendy area in town to have a few drinks before we head to the gentlemen’s club, but as soon as I caught that whiff of connubial freedom, I decided against that and took him straight to the tiddy bar.
We arrived, paid our cover and walked in. It was fairly empty, with the ratio of girls to clients very favorable to us. Actually, the ratio at that joint is always really good. Anyway, we sat at the bar and ordered a beer. Of course, almost as soon as we sat down, girls came over and started talking to us. I am extremely picky and having been to similar establishments before, I knew the best way to get rid of the ones I didn’t like: “Sorry, I was waiting on someone else”. Mark, on the other hand, went off with a mediocre looking girl as soon as we sat down. Great, I thought, I can have some alone time and scope out the scenery. I love the guy to death, but sometimes he bores me to the same end result.

Several more girls came around and I had to use my line once again. One was a stunner; however, almost as soon as she sat by me, she told me she is $500/hour. At that moment, I was the one stunned. I thought: “what do I get for that?” Knowing full well I won’t get anything but a hard-on, I politely declined and said I was not interested at the time.

To give you a little background, I am 6’2” – 190 pounds, very fit, brown hair, green eyes, well proportioned face, handsome smile, maybe a little too stern of a face at times. I definitely have plenty of self confidence, even bordering on arrogance at times. But I can also be very polite, an attentive listener, and overall a very balances individual. Having said that, I also understand that the attention I got at this club was not because of all of the above, but because I exude the confidence of someone that makes a ton of money…which is not the case. I make my $100K a year and spend accordingly. Let me tell you – I’ve heard stories of a man spending half a million in six weeks at that place. So, I am no big dog – just like to have a great time and enjoy the company of good looking females – but I am picky.

After several more ladies coming over, I was agitated and disappointed. My friend was already on his third lap dance and I was sitting by my lonely self. I requested the wine list and stared down at it.

I was still looking over the list when I noticed the blond that was currently on stage. She was dancing to the Miami Vice (the latest one) theme song – In the Air Tonight – the so-called stripper version, which I really liked. I left my seat and walked up to the stage with a $5 bill. The girl was different – did not appear to have large dollar signs in her irises, nor did she have a coked-out look. She was average height, maybe even on the short side. Beautiful blond hair, slightly below the shoulders and large blue eyes. She was not too skinny, not too round either; just a very pleasant physique with curves in all the right places. I did notice that her breasts were very large and appeared natural. Since I am more of an ass guy, I was please to see that it was just the perfect size – round and luscious, definitely not too big. I complimented her on the choice of song and asked her if she knew what movie it was from. She did and without further ado, I gave her the bill and walked back to the bar.
After several minutes and when her dancing at the several stages was completed, she re-appeared around the bar. She was dressed in somewhat of a conservative black dress, nothing too flashy or tacky, but the dress undeniably accentuated her features.

It was a rectangular bar and she sat about 10 feet to my left. I immediately knew she was the one I wanted to hang out with. The girl was savvy enough to figure out that I didn’t want to be pushed. After all, she had already seen several girls being told off very politely and with a smile.

She hadn’t sat for more than two minutes when I approached her and asked her if she wanted to share a bottle of wine with me. She smiled and agreed. Well, I will have to admit that I cannot even consider a girl if her teeth are bad. Not the case here. She had beautiful, white, even teeth, complemented by a smile that reinforced the pleasant personality I had already discerned.

She sat next to me and we started looking over the wine list together. I asked her whether she preferred any specific kind of wine. She left the decision to me. I looked over the whites. It was a very warm evening (as we were about to learn – preceding a record breaking summer) and I felt like drinking something refreshing. I chose a Far Niente Chardonnay, which was $150. Of course, the same bottle sells for $50 at the liquor store down the street, but whatever.

She was pleasantly surprised. As it happens to be, if a customer buys a bottle of wine for more than $100, the girl he is with does not have to be on stage. It’s called “skipping”. Regardless, or “irregardless”, as some of my Texas friends like to say, she was very happy that she didn’t have to go on stage any more, especially because it was fairly empty and the dancing was definitely not worth the several guys that were seated around the stage holding tight on to their dollar bills.

We were served the wine and asked if we wanted to move to the VIP area. I declined, as I preferred to be close to my friend and liked the ambience around the bar. Red velvet curtains, smoky stage, and the constant barrage of half-naked girls were really relaxing to me. Besides, I was not after lap dances or similar “transactions”.
I had to make something clear, so I told her almost instantly that she would most definitely make more money if she went with someone else. I explained that I like good wine and the company of beautiful women but I also said that I do not like lap dances, nor do I like to throw $500 for an hour in the VIP rooms. I do like talking to beautiful women like her and I would make it worth her time. She smiled understandingly and said that she had already figured that out and she was happy to just sit around and hang out. Well then, I thought, this is the kind of person I was looking for.

We hit it off immediately. She was making me smile and showed genuine interest in our conversation. I discussed the reason we were here and she introduced herself by her stage name but almost immediately said that her actual name is Alicia.

We talked about her job. It canlı bahis appears that this was one of the few nights that she was working at the club. She had another job and was planning to go back to school. She was in her mid 20’s and mentioned that this was her scene about five years ago but had since decided to straighten out her life, to go back to school and attempt to do something better and more stable in her life. She understood that her beauty and looks will not last forever, so she had to make an investment in her future. She liked this job as it provided a good amount of cash once or twice a week.

I was becoming more and more intrigued by this blond beauty. She appeared smart, intelligent, pleasant, and easy-going. There was nothing forced in our conversation. Plenty of eye contact, and none of the “let’s move on to something else, as I have to make money” look in her eyes, that is so common with some of these girls.
I told her about my married life – how happy I was with everything, including sex life, kids, etc. I also mentioned that I still couldn’t help fantasizing about beautiful girls, nor could I help flirting with her. In general, I was very straight-forward – I wanted to make clear that I am a happily married man, looking for some fun on a guys-night-out. After all, I was wearing a ring and was not trying to hide that fact. She was very understanding and confided that she too had a boyfriend who she lived with and was totally fine with my “situation”. “It is a part of my job, after all”.

The wine was quickly disappearing and our fast-paced conversation became more and more electrifying. The wine had an extremely positive effect on her – she was all smiles and laughter. With every glass, her eyes lingered a little bit more on me, from my face and eyes to the crisp white Polo shirt that was hiding my broad shoulders and large chest. I was flattered and returned the silent compliments she was giving me with more vocal ones, focusing on her extraordinary face and body. She was turning crimson and I loved it.

Towards the end of the first bottle, our chat was increasingly more sexual in nature. When a song was too loud, she would lean to talk into my ear and proceed to brush my cheek with her full red lips. This sent shockwaves through my lower body and I was visibly shaken. She noticed and appeared satisfied with my reaction. This became the norm and several times I turned while she was moving away from my ear, which caused our lips to touch. The contact was simply astounding and left me breathless. I was experiencing something I had not experienced since I was courting my then 19 year old wife-to-be. And that was a good 6-7 years ago.
I became more brave and more vulgar. We talked progressively more about sex. I shared that even though my sex life was amazing, I yearned for someone different and fresh. I crudely mentioned that over the years I had fucked my wife’s pussy into a pulp and that even though it was pleasant in a perverted way, I still wanted to experience someone else, someone I had not been with, someone who was tight and frankly – someone that was not so used to me. I also confided that several attempts at anal sex left me wanting more. Through her parted lips I could tell she was breathing heavily, eyes drooping slightly, which might as well have been caused by the wine. Her response was simply: “wow, you must be big”.

Knowing that there is a slight possibility she may find out herself, I played it down, not wanting to disappoint, if it came to that. So, I responded by saying that’s not the case – it was just a matter of having sex with someone for years, every week, every month, every year. I did push further and told her that she looked so delicious that if there is anything that I really want to do, it would be to go down on her. Her genuine smile revealed those beautiful teeth and, with barely a hint of inhibition left, she said that I won’t be disappointed, as she was completely shaved down there and it looked very pretty. I don’t quite remember the words she used, but the idea I got was that of a small pussy with outer lips covering her little treasure.

I was stunned beyond words. She must have noticed because she asked if everything was alright, as I was staring into the distance. Yes, everything was alright, I was just lost in thought, and she was responsible for that. Now my breathing was heavy and my eyes were beyond drooping, heavy with lust.

You know, there are only a few times in life when you meet that special person who puts you at ease and you really could care less what is happening around you. Well, this was it. I was lost in her eyes, completely lost in our conversation and if my wife had walked in at that time, I would have smiled and idiotically introduced them to each other. I got up to visit the men’s room and upon return, I ordered another bottle of the same wine. The manager came and introduced himself, asking if we would like more privacy. I declined again.

Boy, was that wine good. Time was passing by quickly and we were having a blast. Alicia told me she had bought a new bathing suit and asked whether I wanted to see her in it. There is a hot tub and a pool in the back of the club and we decided to go back there. I told her I don’t have a bathing suit; she stated that as long as I have a pair of boxer-briefs, I should be fine. She asked if my friend (who was somewhere around but I had barely noticed) wanted to join us and that she would find a girl for him. He agreed and we all headed to the back.
The hot tub was fun; Mark’s girl was sitting on top of him and Alicia was sitting next to me. The other girl kept jumping up from his lap; apparently he was trying to finger her butt – he was beyond drunk at this point. I thought it was hilarious. I am not the touchy-feely guy, so I had my elbows on the concrete encircling the hot tub. The other girl was surprised Alicia was not getting the same treatment and I noticed that Alicia was actually getting a little fidgety – she wanted physical attention as well.

I pulled her close, slightly afraid that the briefs would not be able to hide my excitement for long. Her feminine body was beyond belief. Warm and soft, with a small waist and curves to die for. My wife has small, perky breasts, so Alicia’s large mounds were a welcome contrast. She was beyond the point of caring and I could explore everything I wanted. Her ass filled my small sized hands and the smooth skin was leaving me speechless. The bathing suit (or at least the bottom that was left) was really stunning. It left just the right amount to the imagination and that was making me uncomfortably excited.

I went to the bathroom again. When I returned, an older gentleman had joined us in the hot tub, along with two other girls. They were in a good mood and jokingly said something like: “woohoo, come on, swing it”. Obviously, my wet underwear didn’t leave too much to the imagination. I laughed it off but noticed that Alicia had a nasty look on her face. She apparently didn’t like the attention I was getting and pulled me close to her as soon as I got in.

She suggested we jump in the larger pool as it was fairly warm. We did and moved to the opposite corner. She was frisky, very hot and her hands were wondering all over the place. I felt them brush against my manhood, and even though it was subtle, she did it on purpose and it drove me wild. The amount of people in the area didn’t prevent us from making out shamelessly. I had my back to the corner of the pool, sitting down on a ledge, with her thighs wrapped around me. It was so damn sexy. I reached down and roughly used the palm of my hand to grab her entire pussy. I squeezed it, as bahis siteleri if it was a sponge. Her soft, fluffy pussy lips were slipping through my fingers, as the lukewarm water did not prevent me from feeling the heat emanating from the small opening. She laid her head on my shoulder…

I told her I can’t do this any longer. She agreed and we got out of the pool. We exchanged phone numbers and I asked how much she needs to get out of there for the night. She said $300; I settled my bill with the bartender, leaving him an $80 tip on the $300 tab. Alicia told me to meet her at the hotel immediately next to the club. I dressed and headed that way.

She was waiting at the front desk, clad in tight cotton shorts and some skimpy top, looking like a cheerleader just leaving a competition, except she appeared slightly intoxicated, which was funny and erotic. We went into the room and I cranked up the AC. Before I realized, she was undressed and in the shower. Again, this was so natural that at the time it felt as if my wife and I had gotten back from a walk in the park with the intention of taking a shower and having sex right after. I admit I was a little numb from the alcohol, but this was just so casual that I clearly remember thinking how normal this felt. I undressed and walked in the shower as well.
The door was open but the light was off, so it provided just enough light to make it very sensual. Alicia was soaping herself. I casually joined her and immediately glued my mouth to hers. Her lips were soft and large; her breath was fresh and tasty. She looked down, where I was sporting a semi-erection. Her words were: “oh my god, you are huge”. That made have been an overstatement. While only seven inches in length, I am a very healthy 6 and something inches around, which makes for a nice sized, thick penis, but nothing crazy.
Regardless, I smiled to myself and lifted her face to mine, while caressing her back and butt. I turned her around, washed her back off the soap and started kissing her neck and back. I then slowly traced my tongue down her back to her full, round, apple bottom. I got on my knees and she leaned forward, allowing me more access. My mouth was hungry, biting her butt cheeks and feeding on her scent and the water that was still coming down from the shower head. I used both hands to spread her ass and shoved my face and tongue between her legs from behind.

She had not lied to me – her pussy was just perfect. Bald, with puffy outer lips that formed the most amazing camel toe I have ever seen in my life. My nose was at her tight butt hole as I was roughly moving my tongue from her clit to her opening. Her viscous wetness was mixing with the water and creating an explosive mixture that made my cock painfully hard. I couldn’t resist and flicked my tongue on her butt hole. She was vocal, almost screaming my name.

We got out, quickly dried off and collapsed on the bed in a pile of lust. She shamelessly spread her legs indicating she wanted more of the same. I complied, licking with a passion I had never experienced before. Even with her legs spread wide, her pussy lips would not open. I used my fingers to spread her lips and licked her, spit on her and probed my tongue inside both of her wholes with such abandon that I thought my head was going to snap off. She never stopped saying how much she loved it and how amazing it felt. I was in heaven as she was leaking heavily.

After a minute or so, she pulled my head up, kissed me deeply and lay on her stomach as I was kneeling in front of her, still reeling from her delicious taste. Without more than “oh my god, this is so big”, she just opened her mouth and placed it on my cock. Prior to that, I was used to my wife sucking me off, which is great, but again, just different. My wife uses a lot of suction and slurps while sucking the head. She then sucks deep and gags trying to throat me, holding her head down. Alicia was nothing like that, although just as alluring when it came to sucking. She opened her mouth wide, as wide as she could, and went down as far as she could and then back up. The feeling was amazing. She just slammed her mouth on my cock, fast, wide open. I could see I was stretching her painfully but she kept up, sucking, up and down, back and forth. Occasionally, she would pull out and lick my balls and my shaft and then back to sucking with her mouth wide open. There was almost no suction and no teeth, just the side of her mouth sliding along my cock at a fast, incredible pace.

Barring the alcohol, I would have already blown in her mouth, but I had plenty left. The feeling of her mouth was akin to me pounding a tight pussy, with only half my cock making it in, except I was not moving, her mouth was. After a little bit, I pulled her up and she lay back down on her back with her legs lifted to where her knees were on each side of her stomach. I kissed her, feeling the huge amount of pre-cum that she had scooped up with the back of her mouth. It was erotic beyond anything I had ever imagined.

I straightened up on my knees and rubbed her clit with my cock head. She was moaning loudly and was visibly excited. I spat on my fingers and rubbed them on my cock head. I then slowly lowered myself and inserted my cock in her waiting pussy. I know some of you may not like the choice of word, but it was exactly that – insertion. It wasn’t a thrust, it wasn’t a plunge, it was a slow and steady insertion, starting with my head and ending at my balls. I remember the feeling as if it is happening right now, and it was what I had subconsciously wanted all night, the culmination of a phenomenal evening.

Her pussy was very wet, providing outstanding lubrication. She was not impossibly tight, to the point of hurting, but she was so tight, that the feeling was astounding. I could feel every single inch going in; I could feel the pressure on my cock, the pressure of me opening her up wide; and finally, I could feel filling her up to the brim. And I could also hear it – a deep moan, not so much pain, as I’ve heard that before, but pure pleasure of getting stretched beyond what she is used to, accompanied by her vocalizing the pleasure she was feeling.
After a few slow, deep thrusts, I started pounding her with all I had. I was thrusting in and out, without mercy, listening to her screaming my name. What happened next was something that had never happened to me before, nor will it ever happen again, if I am realistic. While I was fucking her harder than I have ever fucked before, she arched her head back and I felt a liquid hit my stomach and my chest. As I was piston-ing her pussy, more liquid came out on the in-thrusts. She was writhing and grunting under me, unable to speak. After a few more thrusts, this stopped. I had regained my composure and was slamming into her. It took only a few short seconds before I was pulling out and shooting my cum all over her stomach and tits.

I collapsed next to her, speechless. To this day, I am not sure what that was all about. I mean, I have watched my fair share of porn, but this was beyond me. The liquid that came out of her pussy while I was fucking her was much cooler than the rest of the fluids that we shared. I was always under the impression that “squirt” would be warm. Anyway, maybe someone can enlighten me. I know that we had a great time and that’s all that mattered at the time. This was truly an experience for the ages.

We took another shower and as soon as we got back to the room, she lay down and splayed her legs wide open. Oh my god. This was insane. She wanted me to go down on her again! I obliged again. I was soft and gentle, caressing the inside of her thighs as I was licking her lovely bahis şirketleri pussy. She was wet again and I was starting to stroke my cock. She noticed that and said: “oh, let me help you”. It wasn’t exactly 69 as I was on my knees and next to her, rather than under or above her. She was on her back and was kind of leaning over to her side to suck me. It was erotic and lovely, as I was above her and licking her softly. Shortly thereafter, I had her in doggy and was enjoying her wet tightness to the full extent possible. Again, she was very vocal saying how amazing I feel, calling me by my name.

We switched a few more positions and she ended up on top. I lowered her head next to mine and grabbed her ass, as I was pounding hard and fast into her. I could feel her hot breath and her short squeals as my cock was rushing up to meet the top of her pussy. After a few minutes (?), I got tired and stopped for a second. She raised her torso while she was still straddling me and started to gently and sensually move her hips back and forth on my mid-section with my cock still buried to the hilt in her. I was holding onto her huge breasts as her movements became faster and more urgent. The crescendo of the rising momentum concluded with her moaning loudly as I felt her shiver and then cum hard on my cock. She drenched my cock and balls in hot cum and then slumped her head on my chest, my cock still deep inside of her. I slowly pulled out to give her a breather. I was still very hard and afraid that the alcohol was going to kill my erection soon.

She recovered in a few seconds and softly asked what I wanted, still straddling me. I gave it my best shot and said: “you know what I want”, while lightly tapping my cock on her ass. I was expecting a confused look, maybe a “no, I can’t do that”. Instead, she just grabbed my deflating cock, took a deep breath and started slowly impaling her ass on it. NO. She didn’t do that. I could not believe it! I had to pinch myself in my drunken stupor. This was not happening. Well, guess what folk? It was as real as Obama getting elected in 08. This was not just ridiculous. It was absurd. I clearly remember that she told me earlier in the night that she had only tried anal sex once when she was 19!

She continued working on putting my cock in her ass, as I was regaining my erection. The head popped in, she took another deep breath and stood still for a second. She then continued taking it inch by inch until I was comfortably in her and could start moving. And I did. I pumped my thick cock up into her ass, as she was moaning hard into my ear. I fucked her like that for a little bit and then I asked if she can get on her knees. She agreed and I put my cock in her ass from behind. This time it just slid in!! And I proceeded to fuck her hard, even pulling out a few times, mostly by mistake. I swear, the whole time she was screaming: “this feels amazing; your cock feels so good”. I thought I was either dreaming or gone to Heaven. This was no half-hearted attempt at anal sex by a drunken teenager. My wife has only been able to take about half of it, with me moving slowly, and this is after 5 years of marriage! No, this was hard core anal sex and I loved every minute of it.

Well, boys and girls, this is where the rubber hit the road and the real chemistry took over. I know you’ll be disappointed and I know it would’ve been great if I had blasted my load deep in her ass, but it wasn’t happening. I am actually human and this is no fantasy that I made up in my Literature class. I was in fact losing my erection. Yes, I admit it. The two bottles of Far Niente were finally getting the best of me. It was 3AM and we had fucked for nearly three hours. I pulled out with a slick pop and lay on my back. Alicia was very kind and asked if I am going to cum. I said: “yes, please lay beside me”. She did and I just jacked myself off to completion while rubbing her glorious pussy.

I know this wasn’t the ending I wanted but, looking back, I am amazed I got as far as I did. Yes, the real chemistry defeated me in the end, and in the absence of Viagra, I lost the battle, but not the war.
The following paragraphs are the conclusion. They are humorous and entertaining, but not sexual, so if that’s what you are looking for, don’t waste your time and stop reading here.

We showered again and then dressed. I tried calling my friend but he didn’t answer. I tried again, multiple times. Shit, I was really fucked now. Who knows what happened to him? I left the club without a word. Luckily, about that time, I get a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I answer and the person explains to me that he is with my friend! It was the bartender, who gave my friend a ride because Mark had lost his cell phone. The bartender took him to his own home where Mark logged into his email to find my number. Can you believe this? At 4 AM?

Alicia and I take a cab to meet the bartender and Mark at an agreed upon location between both of us. As soon as we get there, we thank the bartender and part ways. Mark gets in the cab and notices Alicia inside. He smiles understandingly. We then proceed to Alicia’s apartment complex. On the way there, I ask her if she is on the pill. Mark blurts out: “oh, my God, you didn’t blow in her cunt, did you” (exact words). I bust out laughing, but thankfully Alicia didn’t hear the question. She said: “don’t worry, I don’t want this either. I then have the audacity to ask her what her boyfriend would think if he notices her ass is loose. Who asks this kind of stuff? Well, my drunken self did. I don’t recall if I was being funny or what, but she responded: “he doesn’t go there”. You have got to be kidding me.

We dropped her off in front of her apartment and took off towards my house. There were no lengthy goodbyes, or kissing. It was asmcasual as “see you later”. It was 5AM. The cab pulled up on our quiet suburban street, blanketed by manicured lawns and lined with mature trees. I told the cab driver to stop about a 5 minute walk away from our house. It was a beautiful morning, around 70F, uncharacteristically warm for that time of the year, but pleasant nonetheless, especially because we both had wet underwear on. We walked slowly, rehearsing the bullshit story we agreed upon, in order to explain the late (pardon, early) arrival to my wife.

Walking down the hushed street in this beautiful neighborhood, I felt a little bit like Dorian Gray, coming back home from a night of debauchery in the brothels near the docks. With my boyish looks and energetic physique, I did not appear a day over 25. I almost half-expected to find a painting of myself hidden inside our house that showed the true nature of what happened that night. My wife was pissed. Of course we didn’t go to a strip club; of course we didn’t hook up with anyone. I blurted the bullshit story and went to bed.

Was it irresponsible of me to do everything I did that night? Yes. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it immature? Yes. Would I do it again? Fuck yes. Although I did pay my dues – wondering painfully if she was going to call a month down the road to tell me she is pregnant, and dying of fear that I contracted an STD. Luckily, none of that happened.

With all of that being said, it is difficult to explain the feelings, emotions, energy and chemistry that I felt with Alicia. This was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that will never happen again. I went there a few more times, but never saw her again. And even if I did, it would never have been the same. That night was the perfect marriage of circumstances, lust, desire, and something very ephemeral that can never be put to words.
The following morning I fucked the shit out of my wife, even after a few hours of sleep. She was wondering breathlessly what had gotten a hold of me. I told her it was me turning 30 and not wanting to fuck like an old man ?

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