A New Taste Part 25 (Break a Leg)

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A New Taste Part 25 (Break a Leg)
Nick had another weekend to himself. He asked me over for ten on the Saturday morning and I found myself prepping diligently and thinking that I treat cock sucking like a job. I was let in by Nick dressed only in briefs. He was making an impressive bulge. He must have been masturbating.

I had told Nick I wanted to try rings on him. He would enjoy the feeling of extra thickness. First he asked me to get naked. He chatted about how horny he had been and asked me if I had been fucked lately. I told him the truth. He was the last person to fuck me, occasionally Harrison fucked me, but Nick was the only person who had ever really ‘fucked’ me. He quizzed me as to why I had only been with three guys when I loved cock so much. My answer was simple.

“Well, I can explain that easily. I am very lucky. All three cocks are as beautiful as I could wish. Different sizes but all perfect. All three guys are very discreet. All three are clean and don’t fuck around. I don’t want to worry about disease so I don’t look elsewhere. Well, I look. I wank. But I am disciplined.”

“I am tempted.” Said Nick, “Since I started fucking you I have been REALLY tempted. I chat with guys and they offer me their bums. Some of them are so tempting!”

“Show me!” I pleaded.

“Ok. Maybe you can blow me as I find them.” He opened his laptop and sat legs wide apart. “Get under the desk Ben.”

I positioned myself and kissed his silky bulge. I dragged my bag over and fished out the cock rings.

“I must put them on now or they wont go on!”

“Ok, this should be interesting!”

He became hard as soon after as I positioned the two cock rings. It is an arousing novelty to wear cock rings and Nick responded beautifully.

I licked his thick meat and took him in my lucky mouth.

“Ok come and look at these guys.” He said. I pulled up and chair and sat next to him dutifully masturbating him as we looked at his admirers. First up was a rather skinny young guy. No head in the pictures but he had a really nice body.

“Look at his bum!” Nick said. It was so nice. I had to start wanking myself when I saw his young bumhole.

“Christ, how did you not fuck that sweet arse?”

“Well he is too far away so I have just jerked off chatting to him.”

“His hole is so… well… lick-able.”

“You fucking pervert!” Nick joked. I made a mental note of the guys profile repeating his profile name over and over in my head. ‘CuriousCh, CuriousCh!’ His body was beguiling.

Nick went through more of his contacts and we talked about our desires for them. Most of the guys just wanted Nick to fuck them. Some, like me, wanted to suck his gorgeous cock. He had shown interest in the inexperienced men but fear of getting caught out and his wife discovering what he was up to stopped him. He had full trust in me to never be indiscreet. He had a few guy to tease me with. Guys who also needed a skilled discreet mouth. I was shown their cocks and I had to admit they tickled my tastebuds. Nick really did understand what I liked. Uncut, long, preferably low slung balls but you cant have everything.

“Do you like looking at them? At cocks?” I asked.

“I admire a big one. I guess I prefer if they are like mine. Or yours for that matter. We are quite similar in the cock department.” He reached over and started masturbating me.

“You are turning into a softy Nick!” I teased.

“It’s only fair.” He replied. Then he opened another profile “This guy will turn you on. He has a whopper. His pics are private but I have the password.”

Up came a long downwards curving erection. Olive skinned, uncut. Not very thick but probably longer than Nicks. A slim body, nice bum but it was the cock that excited me.

“Oh that is nice!” I said as Nick stroked my cock.

“He is married. Lives in Harrow or somewhere. He likes to chat about meeting a guy, getting blown and that, but he hasn’t done it yet. He cums while chatting about it though. Wants deep throat. I tell him about you sucking me and he blows his load! Ha ha!”

“Poor guy!” I said chuckling. “He needs some help!”

“You have my permission to blow him.”

“Your permission eh?”

“Yeah, you should ask permission before sucking anyone new. I want to check them out.” He was quite serious.

“Ok I will.” I said meekly. He carried on telling me about his admirers while his hand pushed me down and onto his cock. I sucked away as he spoke.

“This little twink wants me to take his little virgin arse. He wants a hung straight guy to take his cherry. He is in the closet. Sweet girly arse. Fuck that feels good Ben!” He pushed me down his shaft. My lips touched his pubic stubble. “I could have his virgin canlı bahis arse like I had yours eh Ben? You ready to take my cock Ben?”

“Mmmm.” I confirmed.

“Oh, hang on. He is online!” He interrupted.

I sat up. “Who is online?”

“Frozenpeas is his name.” He laughed. “The whopper guy! I will see if he can chat.”

I watched as Nick typed. ‘Got a min Pal?’ Soon after a reply popped into the box. ‘Just checking my messages really.’ Nick responded with ‘I have my cocksucker here with me. I’m getting my monies worth’ We waited and waited. Eventually up came…

‘Really? Is he going to give you a blow job now? Do you pay him?’

‘Yeah it’s totally worth it mate. He does what I say. He sucks when I say.’ Typed Nick. I bent down and quickly sucked his lovely cockhead. It was fun to chat even if Nick was just mucking around.

‘I am so jealous. The thought alone is turning me on.’ Said Frozenpeas.

‘Well he could do you pal if you want. He has seen your cock.’

‘He has! Does he like it?’

“What shall I say you big whore?” Nick jested. I sat up.

“Say I will give him the best blow job of his life for my usual fee.”

Nick chuckled away as he typed. “I better get a percentage of this!” He said.

“That would make you a pimp!” It was getting pretty silly.

After a long pause a reply appeared. ‘How much?’ Before I could suggest a figure Nick typed. ‘£100’.

A longer pause… ‘Where would it happen?’ We looked at each other surprised that the amount wasn’t in question.

“The garage?” Nick suggested.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to go all the way to fucking Harrow though!”

Nick told him about the garage. The usual rules. No cameras. Discretion and cleanliness. The guy asked if he could come straight away. We looked at each other and smiled.

“Gives me an hour to fuck you senseless.” He said.

“It’s ok with me. Like having desert.”

The details where sent. I would be in the garage waiting. He would close it behind him and you know the rest. We both laughed at the situation. Nick stroked his cock.

“Better get on with the main event! These fucking rings man, They feel good!” He stood and told me to get ready. He peeled open a condom.

“You don’t have to wear one.” I offered.

“I know that! If I want to spunk in your guts I will. Now get on all fours and spread ’em. Beg for it!” He demanded. I replied delighted at his dominance. No more joking around.

“Please fuck me Sir, Please fuck me. I want to feel your huge cock inside me.” I said with my cheek pressed against the bed, arms behind opening myself like a slut. My goodness I love saying slutty stuff out loud. It is so liberating.

“Fuck, I feel massive! Look at it you slut!” I turned. His cock was angry. Swollen by the rings. It looked wonderful.

He lubed it up and without ceremony shoved it passed my ring. I gasped and braced myself. He resumed shoving it deeper. He didn’t stop until he was as far as he could go.

“Oh yeah, look at that! Jesus! I feel HUGE!” He proclaimed loudly. He began an athletic fuck that I will never forget. He was a demon. Slamming that fat dick in my arse like he was showing off to a crowd. I just took it as best as I could. I looked back and realised Nick was watching himself in the mirror. One thigh lower then the other so he could see his shaft slam me.

“Christ, that is amazing!” I said. My semi leaked drips of precum endlessly due to the thrusting over my prostate. He pulled out and we both stared at his erection.

“I feel fucking 18!” He exclaimed and plunged back into me. “Oh it’s so good! You gay slut! Take that dick!”

His arms pulled me up arching my back. He drilled it and pushed hard. “You like it hard don’t you Ben?” He said in my ear.

“Oh fuck, I love your cock!” I managed to say. He withdrew and threw me down spanking my buttocks.

“On your back, legs back.” He instructed. I obeyed, sweating and delirious.

He stuck it right up me and I comically uttered “Oooff!” As he filled me up. He began a slow fuck face to face. I knew he wanted to explore more intimacy than just a really hard fuck. We looked at each other.

“Do whatever you want to do. I’m here to please you.” I reassured. He paused, the keeping eye contact, slid his flesh into me as far as it could go.

He kissed me. His macho dominance was a pleasure but he also needed to explore man to man intimacy more deeply. Somehow it is a greater taboo. I wrapped my arms about him and he ground me as he kissed. He broke away and sat up slowly grinding his fat length into me.

I began to masturbate myself to erection. He caressed my thighs as he fucked. I hardened up and tasted my precum for his amusement. He withdrew and ripped off poker oyna the condom. His penis was fabulously erect, the rings biting into his skin. He put our cocks together and masturbated both of us simultaneously. He looked intensely at our cocks as he wanked the collected flesh.

“You want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Yes please Nick.” I said softly.

“I need to cum. These rings are hurting, I feel too erect somehow!”

“It looks beautiful!” I said. He was lost in his thoughts for a moment before saying…

“So does yours!” He bent forward and for the very first time sucked my cock. I felt strangely proud of him. He was getting a bit gayer each time we met. He sat up.

“It’s good, I admit. Sucking cock is good. But I don’t want your spunk Ben.”

“Then let me have yours. I want every drop you have.” I replied sincerely. I got on my knees and he stood there, fit and very hard. His dick a darker colour than normal. Thicker than normal. Ready to burst hot cum into my grateful mouth.

“Suck.” He commanded.

I took that cock to the root and worked it like a slow motion woodpecker. Eight inches and off. Eight inches and off. Again and again.

“Christ you are good!” He exclaimed. “I’m… I’m… Gonna cum!” I worked the tip of it with firm wet suction. He let out gasps of pleasure that the neighbours could hear as that manly milk spat into my elated mouth. Soft bullets of white goodness impacted on my palette and I aimed him onto my tongue. That cumload would have leapt the length of my torso had it not been contained. I held onto that luscious length and made sure I rode right through his violent orgasm and gently out the other side until he was clean and fully serviced. Fully cock worshipped. As it should be.

“Oh fuck, that was intense!” He sighed and sat back on a chair. His dick dangling but still thick with blood. “I don’t think I have ever cum that hard.”

I was proud of myself. He looked at my erection and moved to sit beside me and generously began to masturbate me. I put my head back and enjoyed his efforts. He would never have done this even a few months ago but now he was beginning to enjoy male intimacy alongside his dominant needs. I watched him until I realised I had an appointment approaching.

“You better stop. I have another client to satisfy shortly!” He raised an eyebrow to signify what a dirty fucker I was and then began to fiddle with the cock rings still tightly cutting into his flesh.

“How do you get these things off?” He asked.

“Patience Nick. Let the blood empty out! Trust me they will come off. It’s your fault for having a fat cock.”

He stood and swung it from side to side.

“It is pretty good isn’t it?”

“It is, It certainly is.” I agreed and knelt before him to help free his member. If I hadn’t had a new cock to please I would have been glad to begin again with that used but beautiful penis.

20 Mins later…

A wet patch in my undies where I was still producing precum from my session with Nick I lifted up the Garage door and entered Nicks storage space for the first time in ages. I could almost see myself kneeling on the scrap carpet learning how to suck cock. I remembered the intensity of being fucked against the cold, rough cinderblock wall and that happy moment when I first saw Harrison and knew my tongue wanted more than cock.

I sat on a plastic chair and waited in the gloom wondering what Mr Frozenpeas would be like. I waited half and hour and was about to give up. It was his first time after all. It is a big step. I wouldn’t hold it against the guy. I got up and began to raise the garage door to leave when I saw his feet in the gap.

“Am I in the right place?” I heard a nervous voice utter. I could only see the bottom of his legs.

“Mr Frozenpeas?” I enquired and heard an audible gulp.

“Yes thats me.” I lifted the door halfway up and he stooped to enter. I lowered it and put out my hand. He shook it clearly embarrassed.

“Don’t worry.” I reassured him quietly. “I am going to kneel at the back over there.” I pointed to the carpet. “I will lock this door for our privacy first. Would you prefer to stand or sit down as suck your cock?” I asked.

“Uh… I… I don’t know really, I’m not sure. Do you require the payment, I have it with me?” He mumbled.

“You can put the money on that shelf there.” I pointed and he fumbled some notes out of his pocket. “I prefer to stand when being sucked myself but you may be more comfortable sitting down.” I suggested. I moved to position and beaconed him. He stood before me in the gloom an attractive very slim man of about six foot with smooth naturally tanned skin. He looked in his late twenties, canlı poker oyna perhaps thirty. I was happy to have the opportunity to please him.

“I am really quite nervous I’m afraid, this is a first for me.” He whispered.

“We are safe here. We will not be disturbed. I am an extremely discreet person and you can trust me.”

“Yes, yes I am sure. But my heart is beating so fast. I’m not sure I… I…”

“May I undo your trousers and suck your cock?” I said softly.

“God… I don’t know.” He said confused.

I reached out and quickly, purposely undid his trousers and dropped them to the floor. I told him to lift his shoes up and I took his trousers completely off, He stood there in boxers and sock and shoes. I wasted no time and yanked the boxers to the floor and off one shoe. He instinctively covered his cock and balls and I flicked his hands out of the way. I looked straight and his soft cock and balls in the low light. He was unusual. A long flaccid tanned penis. Very long but with about the same girth as Harrisons. Long low hanging balls, distinctive, unequal hangers. Narrow hanging sack but very long. He was thinner than his photos suggested. He must have spent ages trimming his neat pubic bush but it was a delight to see. Tightish foreskin gripping halfway down his glans. I was loving it all.

“Have you ever been deep throated?” I asked.

“No, never!” He seemed worried.

I put out my hand and lifted the soft penis. He took a breath in just as I took him in my mouth. Nick semen had left me a little dry. I was so pleased to taste a new and delicious penis. I explored him and he sighed and swayed still nervous that a man was fellating him at all. But soon it grew. It stretched and elongated until I was working a very long slim dick and he was relaxing happy to have performed in these strange circumstances. I looked up at him.

“Such a nice cock!” I told him and got back to work. I put my hands on his well formed buttocks and drew myself all the way to his root. Oh what a joy! His long cock was so comfortable at depth. He couldn’t believe my ease at throating him either.

“Good God almighty! That is incredible!” He exclaimed as quietly as he could. I withdrew.

“If you are close to orgasm please let me know. I want to take my time before swallowing your cum.”

“Are you sure you want the…” He asked.

“Quite certain.” I confirmed.

I gave Mr Frozenpeas a careful expert level blow job. Keeping that pipe away from orgasm but endlessly pleasured. He had to sit after a while and I gobbled up and down only stopping to gently take his dangling balls for a suck or to slowly masturbate him. In effect his first male blow job was a teasing edging session. I had to come to and end.

“Oh I am cumming!” He warned just in time. I slobbered suction over the head and he came fast. Gobs of spunk like miniature bobsleighs shooting down his pipes. I took it all like a pro. As I swallowed his seed my cheek muscles were smiling. He shifted on the seat as his dick emptied but I never let that snake go until he was drained. I loudly gulped and licked my lips.

“Thank you, That was delicious.” I said and promptly swallowed the full length in one go. I was showing off.

He was stunned. Gripping the seat and vibrating with post orgasm sensitivity.

“Oh my god! Oh god!” He stifled his voice and swayed his head around. “Incredible!”

I slipped off and held it in my hands. I gave it a kiss and told him to get dressed. He turned his back on me as he got dressed. I breathed deeply looking hard at his nice bum. “Mmm.” I hummed out loud. I picked up the money and smiled at the conceit of charging for this. I couldn’t believe my luck. Nick was amused so it amused me too. My balls ached though. Two sessions was too much without release.

“I can’t call you Mr Frozenpeas now can I?” I said. “Why are you Mr Frozenpeas?”

“I broke my leg about 8 months ago and then I twisted my good knee. So I was at home wasting time online. Looking at porn! I needed a profile name and I had my cock in one hand and a bag of frozen peas on my knee. ‘Cock’ was taken! So…”

“I see. So you fancied having your cock sucked and got chatting about to Nick?”

“Yes, yes I suppose I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t broken my leg!”

“My name is Ben.” I said. “It’s ok, you can be Mr Frozenpeas if you want!”

“Gabriel.” He replied.

“Thank you Gabriel, I hope you come back. I would like to suck your cock as often as you need it sucked.” I had learnt the value of a businesslike attitude from Philippe. It was disarming.

He seemed stunned. I smiled at him and guided him out into the garage into sunlit suburbia.

I bought a coffee on my way home to soothe my dry throat. I was amused at how low my voice sounded as I ordered. So much deep sucking and two dressings of cum have a noticable effect. It made me grin with secret knowledge all the way home.

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