A gay summer Holiday – Part 2

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 2

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Chapter 2
The family get together.

He was indeed greeted by his grandmother, but she was not alone. His fathers youngest sister and her husband were there too. So were the Great aunt and uncle, their son, and his sons who ran the ‘Harbor view’ camping grounds. And also some other locals had joined them. Even the fucking local island police was waiting for Chris with the group. Christopher smiled at the large reception committee and waved at them when he walked down from the passenger ramp to meet them. Apparently word had gotten out that Christopher was coming to live with them for a longer time. And they all seemed very pleased by that.

He walked through the ticket hall and his aunt Dianna greeted him. “Take off that silly sailors hat Chris!”, she smiled. “I can not believe that Mathijs made you wear that!”. Chris laughed and told her that it kept his hair dry. He asked her about the return ticket, because he was shanghaied before he was able to buy a ticket on the mainland. She quickly gave Chris his return ticket and she laughed hard at Chris’s comments. “You know… you can come work here. We are short staffed for a few months.”, she said. “I would love to, but I sort of promised to help fix up the bunkers at the Harbor view. But why does the company not get some interns from the local nautical school? Or ask the local hotel staff to man the bars on the ferry?”, he asked. “Hey, those are some very good ideas… Thanks Chris!. Silly that head office did not think of that!”, his aunt Dianna replied.

Christopher walked over to the waiting family and relations. And he was greeted very warmly by the group. He got invited to dine with his aunt Petra at her Bed and Breakfast. Some of the other family members where also invited. His long time friend Jelmer, grabbed his bags and wanted to give him a lift in his army jeep to the campgrounds. Chris told him that he needed to rent himself a bicycle first. So he exchanged the work bomber jacket, for the Leather biker jacket first. “Dang, that’s a nice look on you cuz. It makes you look like a bad ass.”, Jelmer exclaimed. They called each other cousin, but they where only really related via a very distant relation. He arranged to take up Chris’s stuff to the camping grounds as Christopher walked with the rest of the extended family thru the harbor town. “You don’t need to rent a bicycle Chris. Your uncle Burt has a perfectly good one. And he doesn’t use it at all.”, his grandmother told him.

So they walked over to his grandmothers house and they talked for a long time. Chris asked his uncle Burt if it was okay for him to borrow the bicycle for the remainder of the holiday and he agreed to it. “As long as you put it back with a full tank of fuel…”, Burt joked. His uncle was funny like that. Around dinner time they walked together to the bed and breakfast holiday let of his aunt Petra. The rest of the extended family met them there. They had a great feast meal prepared by her husband Sjors, who was also chef cook at a local hotel. But seeing as this was still the off-season he had time on his hands.

The manager of the campgrounds, uncle Ben, and his two sons, Jelmer and Jesse sat near Chris. They chatted about what needed to be done to fix up ‘the bunkers’. The island had played a pivotal role in the air defense during the second world war. A lot of bunkers still remained on the island, mostly hidden under the sand dunes by now. The officers lodgings were converted to holiday lets. They where light weight concreet and brick structures. After 70 plus years of use they were in need of some TLC. His great uncle had asked Chris to help his family out on this project. In exchange for letting him stay in one of the lodgings.

Christopher was up for the challenge. He loved this kind of work. They talked about painting the insides and outsides. But Chris said that it would not make sense to do the insides as long as the roofs where not made watertight again. Years of sun, wind and rain had taken their toll on the structures. And according to Chris some major work needed to be done there first. Together with Jelmer, Jesse and some other friends he would be able to fix up at least 12 of the 30 holiday lets before the main holiday season got underway. He explained to his friends. They agreed that Chris would take the lead on the project, and he was excited to get going. After a long and pleasant evening with his extended family Jelmer took Chris to the campground. He showed Chris the extend of the work that needed to be done and gave Chris a master key of the bunkers.

Jelmer dropped off some basic food supplies in the tiny kitchen, as Christopher unpacked his bags. Together they opened up a few beers from the crate that Jelmer got for him. And they started their own private party. Jelmer, Jesse and Chris always spend their time together, when Christopher and his parents where on the island. They knew each other from when they were little. But this time Jelmer kept looking at Chris in an odd way. “What’s the matter cuz?…”, asked Chris after a while. “I can’t believe how good you look in that leather jacket. And since last I have seen you, your muscles have nearly doubled in size… I am a bit jealous… Well a lot actually!”, he exclaimed. “Ha ha ha… now will you tell me what is really canlı bahis going on cuz… Come on you can tell me!”, asked Chris insistently.

Jelmer said nothing. Instead he opened up one more beer. And he drank it quite too quickly. The result was a lot of foam spewing out over the floor. “Aww… don’t blow your load just yet…”, joked Chris. “Exactly…”, said Jelmer.
Christopher did not understand what Jelmer was referring to. “Chris… I got to tell you something…”, he started and looked sad and anxious at the floor. “No use of crying over spilled beer, bro… Just tell me already. I promise not to laugh and I will keep it to myself if you want me to do that.”, said Chris, sensing that Jelmer had a big secret that he needed to share with someone. “Okay then… here goes… But promise you won’t tell a living soul!”, said Jelmer.

At that point Jesse came walking in. Jesse was 2 years younger then 20 year old Jelmer. But the 19 year old Chris was clearly the leader of this pack. “Hey cuz… grab yourself a beer!”, Christopher said to Jelmer’s younger brother. “Have you told him yet?”, asked Jesse of Jelmer. Chris looked very surprised at his favorite two friends. “Okay, now the suspense is really killing me… Is someone going to tell me what the frick is going on here boys!”, shouted Chris. “Or do I need to give you both blow jobs again?…”.

The boys laughed at each other. “You don’t know the halve of it!”, Jelmer laughed out loud. “Okay… here goes… I wanted to tell you by myself, but I guess it’s better that Jesse is here too…”, explained Jelmer. After a short pause Jelmer spoke very quickly; “I think I am gay and am in love with you…”. Jelmer averted his eyes away from Christopher. Expecting the worst.
“Aww that’s Cool…”, said Chris after a while. “Good for you. I love to help you discover more of these feelings, bro! I need to tell you what happened to me on the ferry today too. You won’t believe it!”, told Chris happy. Jelmer was really surprised by Chris’s positive reaction. He had half expected to get in a fight after his announcement.
Jesse looked proud at his brother and gave him a hug. “I knew it bro! And you may join the club…”, he said winking at his older brother. That knocked the wind out of Jelmer. Christopher laughed. “Okay… shell I make that a threesome then? I had a really ‘nice’ experience on the ferry today. I got sucked off by a leather man and I found this leather jacket during the cleanup. And it makes me feel pretty gay too…”, said Chris proud.

“Okay, that’s not funny!… Here I am spilling my guts and you two make fun of me.”, shouted Jelmer angry. “Hold your horses, cuz…”, said Chris punching Jelmer playfully in the gut. Chris unbuckled his pants and showed the boys his cock strapped dick. “I have gotten this from a leather men after he deep throated me on the ferry today. And as far as Jesse goes… I know that he was having gay feelings for a couple of years now. Nothing wrong with that! Hell,… we have all sucked each other off… More then once even… And we enjoyed that. Did we not? So stop being a sissy and except the facts! I am really pleased for you Jel. And I could see myself falling in love with a stud like you too!”, said Chris rubbing his hands through Jelmer’s hair. Christopher stepped closer to Jelmer and hit him in the face with his 22 cm cock. “Take it boy… Suck the juice out of it!”, exclaimed Chris.

Jelmer however was not up for it just yet. He started to tremble and his eyes got moist. Christopher stepped back and put his cock halfway back in his pants. “Aww man… I am sorry… Come here bro…”, said Chris to his admirer. He sat down between Jesse en Jelmer and gave Jelmer a loving hug. “Jel, I am proud of you man… I truly am!… And too me it does not matter what you are… As long as we can be friends, bro…”, said Chris with a big sigh.

Jelmer was pleased by Chris’s reaction. But still he started to cry. The emotions got the better of him. Chris pulled him close and pressed Jelmer’s head against his broad shoulders. Jelmer grabbed Chris around his middle and they hugged for a while. Chris looked over to Jesse and also pulled him closer to rub his back as well. “Now is someone going to suck me off… or do I need to rub one out on my own again?”, joked Chris after a while.

Jesse and Jelmer had to laugh very hard at that bold statement from Chris. They drank an other beer together as they started to fool around with each other.
Chris unbuckled the jeans from Jelmer and pushed his hand inside his pants. In no time he had the fully hard manhood in a firm grip and he started to softly stroke the 20 by 5 cm tool. “Stop teasing me bro… Take it out already!”, panted Jelmer. Chris gave Jelmer a sloppy wet kiss. “Do you really want this?”, Chris asked him. “Yes please bro… Suck me dry!”, gasped Jelmer. Jesse got up to leave the two guys alone.

“Where the fuck do you think your going Jesse? Your up next!… Guys… Lets see where this will take us… I am willing to try anything if you guys are?”, panted Chris horny. He snapped his fingers at Jesse and pointed to his hard dick. Jesse dove on the bed and buried his had over Chris’s cock. Jelmer and Chris looked at their young friend as he sucked our Chris off like a pro. “Stand up mate… I want to taste you!”, whispered Chris in the ear of Jelmer. Jelmer bahis siteleri got up quickly and pushed his dick into the waiting mouth of Chris. And Christopher sucked him deep into his throat. “God damn… Do not go pass Go… Do not collect 200 dollar… Go directly down your throat… Fuck… This is… Oh God… How fucking nice…”, exclaimed Jelmer as he shot a thick load of cum in Chris’s throat. Jesse looked up at his brother’s big orgasm. Shooting it directly in Chris. All Chris could do was swallow it.

But Chris did not stop sucking Jelmer off. He kept licking, slurping, eating his thick cock. Jelmer got weak in the knees and dropped on the bed behind him. Chris pulled Jelmer’s pants clean off. Raised his legs in the air and started to rim him deep. “Oh… God… You taste nice bro… If you let me I would love to fuck this hole of yours!”, moaned Chris in a horny craze.

Jesse sat down next to his older brother and offered him his cock to suck. And Jelmer obliged, sucking horny Jesse deep. Jesse pushed Chris’s head deep and hard into the butt crack of Jelmer. Who responded with deep growling sounds. He clearly loved to be rimmed by his Leather jacket wearing stud. Cris had dropped his pants and so did Jesse. “Oh god… Chris… Fuck me please… fuck me now!”, shouted Jelmer. Chris got up, walked over to the windows and closed the curtains. “We don’t need to give the lighthouse keepers a show now do we?”, he joked. Then got his toilet bag and grabbed a butt plug and some lubricant from it. “Lets prepare your hole good… I don’t want to hurt you… At least not too much…”, he said with a mean grin.

Christopher smeert some lube on his fingers and Jel’s butt hole. He squeezed his sphincter muscle closed. “Relax and breath, mate… Else it is surely going to hurt.”, said Chris. Chris had played with the butt plug, so he new what it felt like. It was clear to him that Jelmer did have nothing up there before. So Chris wanted to take it very slow and carefully. He knew that Jesse was further along. And even had been fucked by some of his friends before. Jesse lay next to his brother and showed his ass to Chris as well. Chris lubed up Jesse’s hole as well and drove a slick finger deep inside him. Jesse gave a pleasurable moan.

Jelmer relaxed and Chris shoved a wet finger in his but hole. “Oh fucking god… Slowly! bro… I love it… but do it slow!”, he panted. He pulled his fingers out of the two ass holes. He gave them both a slap on the butts, smeert more lube on his fingers and slowly worked the lube deeper into the two hot asses. All the guys started panting heavily now. “You boys like this? don’t you… Lets try 2 fingers… Just keep breathing and relax… tell me when it hurts though… I can’t read minds just yet bro’s…”, instructed Chris. Knowing for sure he was going to fuck good tonight.

Christopher first inserted one slick finger into Jelmer’s bum. And played around in his hot fuck hole. Then he inserted two fingers in the relaxed asshole from Jesse. “How di doo daaa…”, screamed Jesse in ecstasy. Turning his ass around Chris’s fingers. Jelmer got a second finger now too. And he loved it. He took it very easy now that his butt was lubed up good. Chris used his thumbs to push against the base of the two cocks and he sucked off Jesse. Meanwhile still fingering the boys deeply. Chris removed his fingers after a while and put some lube on the butt plug. Jesse lay on his side looking at Jelmer’s butt as Chris slowly placed it at the entrance. “Are you ready for this Jel?”, asked Chris. “Ready as I will ever be honey…”, said Jelmer lovingly. Chris extremely slowly rotated the butt plug against his butt hole. And Jesse held his brothers legs back and spoke softly to him. Jelmer relaxed his sphincter and the butt plug was virtually sucked halfway up his bum.

“Now… there you go, mate… you got it… let your ass get used to it for a moment.”, said Chris slowly stroking his meat with the still lubed hand. “If you want I can fuck you with my toy too… But that’s up to you, bro…”, winked Chris at Jelmer. Jesse started to kiss his older brother tenderly, still holding his legs in the air. After a while Chris started to pump the butt plug in and out of Jelmer’s ass. Going every so slowly deeper and deeper up his gut. Without taking the plug completely out he dripped some more lube on the butt plug and Jelmer’s ass hole. “Relax… but brace yourself, mate… I am going in deeply!”, said Chris to Jelmer. As he shoved the thick part of the plug gently but firmly up his buddies butt.

“Oh… Fuck… that’s big!… Oh god… how nice… Fuck…”, exclaimed Jelmer. And Chris started to suck the limp cock hard again whilst playing with the butt plug. Pushing it rhythmically with his thumb. Letting it slide out all the way and then driving it back in. Fucking Jelmer with it good. “God fuck me Chris… That feels so fucking nice… I did not know it could be this great!… Fuck me please…”, exclaimed Jelmer. “Are you ready for my cock boy?… Are you sure?… I will fuck you hard man… And I won’t stop until I have shot my nut!”, panted Chris horny. Jesse called out; “Yes fuck him… I want to see how you deflower that pretty little asshole… Make him gape open!”.

Chris rubbed his cock through the well lubed butt crack and slapped it playfully against the fuck hole. bahis şirketleri He did a little more lube on his cock head and pressed it in. When his dick head was just past Jelmer’s sphincter he stopped. Giving Jelmer a chance to relax and to get used to the size of Chris’s 22 by 4 cm smooth cock. Jelmer had opened his eyes wide. He was a little scared and amazed. But he also did not want to stop. “You got to tell me if it hurts to much… “, said Chris leaning over to kiss Jelmer. “Fuck me Chris… I want you in me… Take me, I am yours!”, responded Jelmer. Chris pushed in a little deeper. Looking closely at Jel. Jelmer grabbed Chris by the thighs and pushed him deeper into his gut. “Fucking hell dude!… Your so big…”, exclaimed Jelmer. “Yeah… and your going to get all of it… Hard… and Deep…”, yelled Chris in ecstasy.

With a deep sigh he pressed forward and shoved all of him deep in Jelmer’s ass. Jelmer screamed. Chris stopped all movements and dropped on top of Jel. Letting him get used to his big cock. “I love it… you fill me so fucking nice…”, panted Jelmer after a while. Chris started to rotate his hips and pumped the nice fuckable ass of Jelmer open. After a while he pulled his cock out. Jelmer was very disappointed. “Not to worry, bro… I am not done with your asshole… But as they say in the building trait, ‘Safety first’…”, and with a grin he grabbed a condom and pulled it over his raging hard cock. Rubbed his hands over the cock head and plugged Jelmer’s ass again. Chris was not going to take it easy on his ass anymore. He pumped Jelmer’s bum good. With long deliberate strokes he fucked him deep. Every push inside he went deeper and harder. Jesse was loving the show. He had grabbed the butt plug and shoved it in time with Chris’s pumping moves up and down his own asshole. Chris grabbed both guys and wanked them off hard.

After a long time fucking Jelmer he pulled out and removed one rubber and put on a new one. Jelmer looked odd at Chris. But Chris knew what he wanted. And that was to fuck Jel’s younger brother too. Chris smeert some lube on his cock and shoved it in the gaping ass of Jesse. “Oh fuck yes… Stuff me… Oh god… go deep on my ass… Fuck me hard… Chris I am loving it… You make me so fucking hot… Fuck me…”, screamed Jesse. “Go stuff your cock in his throat, Jel!… That will shut him up.”, said Chris to Jelmer fucking Jesse’s ass extremely hard and deep.

Chris ordered the boys to sit on their hands and knees on the edge of the bed. He was going to fuck them doggy style. The guys complied and showed their asses to Chris. Chris continued the rough fuck of Jesse’s ass. And plunged the butt plug back in Jelmer’s hole. While the brothers were fucked this way they kissed like good little sluts in a trio. Chris cum fucked Jesse. He came hard catching most of it in his hand. And then sucking it in his own mouth. Chris put on a clean rubber again and pounded Jelmer’s butt hard to. “I am not going to stop until the rubber tears or I fill it with my nut!”, exclaimed Christopher.

Jelmer was fucked hard and deep too. And he loved it. “Turn over Jel… I want to see you get face fucked by Jesse…”, said Chris panting loudly. He pulled his dick out of Jelmer as he lay on his back again. Jesse sat on Jelmer’s chest and fed him his cock. Chris pushed Jesse over and he plunged his tongue in Jesse’s ass hole. Fucking Jelmer with his cock and Jesse with his tongue. The guys where in full extacy. Jelmer grabbed the middle of Jesse pushing his dick deep down his throat while he was butt fucked hard by Chris. Jelmer came first shooting his hot and sticky streams over Chris’s chest. Jesse released his second load in Jelmer’s mouth and Christopher filled his rubber up completely.

The guys slowly removed themselves from the fuck holes. And lay panting next to each other on the bed. Chris managed to lick the cum from Jelmer’s chest and cock head. Jelmer’s cock was apparently not done. Because in no time it was fully hard again. Chris jerked him off for a while and then proceeded to sit on Jelmer’s cock. Taking it slowly in him. Jelmer could not believe his luck. There he sat. His hero. Wearing nothing but a leather jacket, riding his cock. Whilst his chest was rubbed by the big hands of Chris.

“How do you like that bro?”, asked Chris horny. “Your so fucking amazing… We should have done this years ago!… Oh god your ass is so hot… I am so deep inside you… Oh fuck yeah…”, panted Jelmer wildly. Chris quickly got up and sucked a load of cum from Jelmer in his mouth again. “I fucking like it… You taste so damn good… Your better then the beers.”, exclaimed Christopher. Kissing Jesse with a mouth full of Jelmer’s jizz. And then feeding some back to Jelmer too. The boys lay on top of each other. Enjoying every second of it.

After about 10 minutes Chris got up to pee. And when he got back Jesse had dressed. “I have to help dad in the morning… And you know he does not like it when we are late for work.”, he said. Drinking the last few sips of his beer.
“Night guys… Have fun!… Jel… See… it wasn’t so bad. Chris is into this kind of shit too!”, said Jesse as he left for home. “Hey… Mind if I sleep over tonight?”, asked Jelmer. Chris knew that he lived in a little farmhouse halfway across the island. It was not far by car. But he loved to sleep with Jelmer and talk some more about what just happend and his experiences on the ferry. The guys chatted and drank some more beers. And late that night they crawled up in the twin bed together. For an other flip fuck and some much needed rest.

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