A Dressing Room Fantasy

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A Dressing Room Fantasy
You wake on a Saturday morning after what should have been an early night with your husband but that never happened.

You had the Friday afternoon off and when you got home you just wanted to relax. You had opened a bottle of wine had a glass then went to the bedroom to get undressed for a have a shower. The sun was streaming in your bedroom window as you undressed. The suns rays warming you body as you lay with your eye closed. It feels wonderful and reminds you of holidays in the sun. You lay on the bed in just your underwear sipping your wine as you remember your last holiday. Your mind wanders to the time on your hotel balcony where you had a wild sex session with your husband ending with his cock deep in your throat as you swallowed his hot load. It was not just that but the fact you are certain you saw someone watching you. As you remember you slide a hand between your legs and it is not long before you are fumbling around in your bedside table looking for your vibrator. You take your phone and message your husband,

“Hi, I am feeling in the mood for something naughty tonight. I want your cock in my mouth and I want to swallow everything you can give me”

You send a picture of you licking the end of your vibrator by way of a tease. He replies

“Naughty and I will be home by 6”.

You strip naked and enjoy the sum on your hard nipples and wet pussy as you fuck yourself to multiple orgasms. Sucking and licking your vibrator practising for later knowing that you only want to suck his cock. You drag yourself to the shower and quickly shower shave and trim then put on your nightie and dive back on the bed. It is 4 pm but you can not wait so you start again fingering then fucking yourself again with the vibrator. You are writhing on the bed vibrator deep in your pussy when you slip a finger in your ass. This triggers a wonderful orgasm that races through your body. Breathing heavy moaning and letting out a small squeals of pleasure you make sure you have had your fill. You play until 6pm then waiting with anticipation your pussy soaking wet swollen from your playing you decide to put on just some hold ups , heels and a smile. Time passes, your excitement drops and all the passion fades replaced by anger and disappointment. You get changed and instead for a night of passion you end up watching a box set.

It is late when you hear a key in the door. He is back but you are already in bed. He tells you of his night and how he couldn’t get out of it and how he will make it up to you. You get up and you are having breakfast when he joins you. He shows you a reservation at Marco Pierre White’s roof top restaurant. A gift for his help from the night before. He tells you to go out shopping and get a new outfit. You are still annoyed multiplied by the fact you still have a desire to suck his cock. The frustration still is there but you are not going to give in to your desire. You say nothing but get up get dressed then head out to town to hunt down a new sexy dress for your dinner date. Then after dinner if he has been extra nice to me then may be I will act upon my desires.

You arrive in the city but decide to get a coffee first. You enter the coffee shop order your coffee and look around for somewhere to sit. It is busy but there is an armchair free by a low coffee table that a mature man is sitting at. You walk up

“Excuse me!” he looks up “Would you mind if I sit here?” you ask.

He relies quickly “No please sit down.”

You have to lean forward to place your cup on the table. As you place it down you notice him looking down your dress. You had decided to wear something easy to get on and off as you will be trying on a lot of cloths but the top is loose and he must have had a good eyeful of your breasts in your bra. You think what a dirty bugger and have a cheeky grin to yourself. As you sit the dress rides up a little and your thighs for a moment are exposed.

You look at him again and catch him wide eyed looking at your lovely tanned thighs. You get sorted take out your phone to see if any messages. You lean to pick up your coffee and again your feel his eyes looking at you. This time you linger letting him have a good look before you straighten up. You cant believe you just did that but look up at him. He smiles at you you smile back a little flustered and a little turned on. You carry on reading and working out your route for the shopping. Each time you go for your coffee you now on purpose linger letting your mature voyeur enjoy your breasts. You get more excited and then you notice he has moved his paper over his lap. It is then you know you have given him a hard cock. Your mind wanders imagining his cock hard throbbing just a few feet from you. You cant help but then think of what it would be like to suck his cock. What would he want, would he …

No no I cant think of this but your unsatisfied desire for a cock in your mouth wins and again you fantasise about sucking his cock. You finish your coffee collect your things and stand. As you leave you say to him

“Thank you for letting me sit here.”. He replies

“The canlı bahis was pleasure is all mine having such a beautiful woman opposite me”.

He moved the paper and you can see he has a hard cock in his trousers and you walk away grinning to yourself and feeling rather naughty and very horny.

You go to the first shop and pick out a few items to try on and head to the changing rooms. As you walk through the shop you think you see the mature man again but no must been someone else. You try on the cloths but nothing takes your fancy and you head out. There he was again. It must have been him. You walk past and smile. You visit a number of shops and each time you notice him in the shop. Could be a coincidence but you think may be he is hoping to catch another view of your breasts. You eventually find two dresses you love but just cant decide. You walk out of the changing rooms holding the two dresses and bump straight into your mature fan. He apologies and you take the opportunity

“Oh it is ok. Actually can you help me I can not decide which of these two dresses to buy. I love them both but need a second opinion. What do you think”.

You hold up the dresses to you one after the other. He looks at you then says

“They both look great but may be the backless one. You would look stunning” he blurts out.

You are now enjoying teasing him and you get a naughty thought.

“I know it is hard to decide like this. Come with me and I will try them on for you and you can get a better look at how they fit.”

He looks stunned and replies “Sure lead the way.”

You walk back to the changing rooms but there is a long queue. You are directed to another changing room on the floor above so you lead the way. When you arrive you find the changing room empty with no assistant. You walk in to find it is an older style f changing room with curtains rather than a doors. There is a full length mirror at he end of a row of three cubical. You tell him to wait here and you go in the first cubical and pull the curtain across. He is literally on the other side of the curtain as you start to undress. Standing in your underwear you cant resist putting your hand in your knickers and have a quick play. You think how wet am I then have a quickly play trying to be as quiet as you can. You then think no he may guess if you are any longer so you put on the first dress. You pull the curtain back and walk out.

“What do you think? “ you ask.

“Well you look wonderful. It is a pretty dress and it does fit so well. “ he eventually says after putting his eyes back in his head.

It is a classic little black dress that hugs every curve. You walk towards the mirror looking in it you see him staring at your bum which you wiggle more than normal. You watch as he is arranging his cock. You turn and walk back to him. As you walk back you see the bulge in his trousers. What a tease I am.

“Now for the next one”.

You go back behind the curtain and strip out quickly from the dress. You know what you want to do and you put your fingers back in your knickers and play this time you don’t care and you play till you orgasm. It doesn’t take long as by now you are so horny you could happily walk out and fuck him but no you are enjoying teasing him way to much. Your nipples rock hard and your knickers now are soaking. He must know by now what I am doing. This just makes you more horny and you just let your frustrated desire from the night before take over you mind. You take off your bra and your knickers then put on the next dress. It is a long backless flowing dress dress. The cloth is silky which caresses your naked body beneath only adding to your excitement. It is a halter top with a plunging neck. You tie it loosely knowing it will show off more of your breasts wonderfully. Your nipples pushing trough and very visible. You look in the mirror looking at yourself. Your breasts nearly falling out your bum looks amazing but so obvious you have nothing on underneath. You feel very horny as you are about to basically expose your body to a mature stranger. With butterflies raging in your stomach you wonder if you should walk out. You close your eyes only to see in your imagination his hard cock. Your desire takes you and you pull the curtain open.

He looks at you and gasps, “Fuck me”

You hear him say as a whisper. You smile “You like this dress better then? “

He just nods and you walk to the mirror. His eyes fixed on your bum until you turn then his eyes fixed on your tits. You stand in front of him

“So which would you prefer me to wear ? I do feel more sexy in this one but do I look sexy? “ you ask.

He looks you up and down and you give him a twirl. You enjoy his gaze then he say

“You look amazing, so beautiful, it fits like a dream and you look so incredibly sexy. This is the dress I would love to see you wear at any time of night or day”.

“Oh thank you. You are sweet, then this is the dress for me”

You lean forward and give him a kiss on the cheek. As you do he places a had on your waist. The feel of his hand is electric on your waist, you wonder if he will take advantage. bahis siteleri No you found a gentleman you think when makes no move. In some ways you are disappointed but in others you are happy as you know that you want to have more fun with him now. You take a deep breath to calm your racing heart as you take hold of the curtain and pull it closed. You adjust the curtain a few times making sure it leaves a gap. In the mirror you can see him which sends a wave of pleasure as he has a hand in his pocket and obviously playing with his cock You stand there slowly getting dressed letting have a great view of your bum, breasts and pussy. You are loving his admiration. You finish getting dressed and as you hide your body from him you feel deflated and it leaves you wanting more.

You rack your brain on what you could do next and how far you want to go. All you can think of is his cock now and you know you want to at least see it. Opening the curtain you leave the cubical trying to think of an excuse but nothing comes to mind.

“Thank you for helping me decide. I couldn’t have done it with out you.”, you pause and add “Can I buy you a coffee to thank you?”.

You don’ know why you added this, just a means to give you time but what now.

“You don’t have to but it would be lovely. Thank you” he replies.

You now wish he hadn’t said yes as what to talk about. “Well I have to pay so come with me and we can go from there” you say and walk off to the till.

At the till you start to pay then looking in your bag you realise your phone is not there. You remember now you took it out in the changing room and put it on the shelf and with all the excitement you just forgot it.

“Sod it I left my phone in the changing room. We re going to have to go back sorry” you say.

“No let go now and make sure I get it and you can meet me at the changing room.” he says .

“That would be great and I wont be long” you reply.

He walks off at a pace as the till prints your receipt. It takes no time and you take your new dress and quickly walk after him. You get to the dressing room not long after him and he is in the changing room on his knees reaching under the seating. You see he has the phone and you sigh with relief as you see him holding your phone. As you enter the you knock the outer door with your bag and it swings closed behind you. It is then you have the idea.

“You know since I am here would you mind if I just try it on again. Just to make sure?” you ask.

“Sure I have all the time in the world and it would be fantastic to see you in that dress again as you looked so sexy.” he replies with a smile.

You blush “Thank you. Wont be a minute”.

You enter the cubical and again make sure there is a gap for him to see. This time you slowly strip caressing your breasts as you take off your bra but not your knickers this time. You stand and slide a hand between your legs moving your swollen lips as you arrange you knickers. You slide the dress over your body then open the curtain. You walk out and off to the mirror you walk. You walk back towards him and looking over your shoulder at your bum in the mirror.

“It is very hugging on my bum and these are not the right knickers.” you say.

With that you dart into the second cubical and knowing he can see pull up the dress and take your knickers off. You know they are wet and as you slide the dress back down you return to the mirror. Holding your knickers you turn then throw them to him. As you do you say

“Can you put these on the chair with my bra”.

You watch him catch them but turn back to the mirror. You watch in the mirror as his eyes widen then he rubs a finger on your wet knickers. You turn he moves to the cubical you look over your shoulder at your bum but instead look in the mirror on the side and watch him sniff and lick your knickers tasting you. This makes you so horny knowing how much he must want you now but you want to tease some more. He returns and you walk back towards him and standing you say

“Do you think I need a bra on? My nipples are rather on show but I don’t want to have a bra strap showing at the back. What do you think?”.

You watch him staring at your nipples then he said “Well yes your lovely nipples are rather obvious but you look amazing. Also it does look better with no knickers on as well. Much better lines over your gorgeous bum.”.

You know you have him now hook line and sinker. “Really you think I should go commando and just wear the dress and nothing else?” you ask

“Yes you would look amazing but a lot of men may get a clip round the ear of their wives for staring at you”.

You laugh “Really well think I better wear some underwear then and I am glad you warned me.
Now I better get this back in the bag and give you your reward for helping me.”

You go back in the cubical and pull the curtain back. The gap bigger now but you don’t care and slip off the dress. Showing him your naked body once more. You check to see if he has his hand in his pocket again and he has. You look at him in the mirror. It seems to take an age for him to look up so your eyes meet. He quickly bahis şirketleri turns away but you put your head round the curtain and say

“Have you been looking at me getting changed and are you playing with your cock?”.

“Ermm well I just well couldn’t help myself. You are so sexy and you have an amazing body. Sorry I will leave you to it” he say and turns to leave.

“Naughty and where do you think you are going. Did you want that coffee or not? Or your would you like something else?“ as you say this you let the curtain go step out and expose your naked body to him.

“I really don’t have the time for a coffee and I can see you have a lovely hard cock for me so how about you come over here and I reward you? “

He stops and turns. He looks surprised as he tentatively walks back to you. You take his hand your own heart racing like a loon as you lead him into the cubical and close the curtain. You have wanted to suck a cock now for 24 hours and as you rub his cock through his trousers you know you will have this hard cock in your mouth as soon as you can. He takes hold of your breast in one hand and squeezes rather hard. His firm grasp excites you a lot then as his other hand slides up your thigh toward your pussy you wonder what his fingers will be like inside you but no all you want is his cock in your mouth. Stopping his wandering hand you say

“Well we don’t have long so I will give you a blowjob for your reward ok”

He just nods with a massive smile. As you start to kneel he puts a hand on your shoulder to pushes you down. You are taken aback by how forceful he i being. You find your self liking it and drop to your knees. Your hands on his trousers pulling them open and releasing his hard cock. You look up as you lick the tip of his cock tasting his precum. He then puts his hand on your head and pushes his cock in your mouth. You are surprised again but you find yourself loving it. He must be so frustrated by my teasing. So giving in you take him deep in your mouth. You bob your head your breast jiggling then a hand on your breast then he pinches your nipples as he teasing them pulling them. It feels wonderful so you put a hand on your pussy to start finger yourself as he takes more control of the situation. Holding your head he pushes his cock in your mouth you know he is going to fuck your mouth. You drop your second hand away so he knows he can do what he wants. He doesn’t take long before forcing his cock in your mouth. You notice your reflection as he fucks your mouth, you watch as his cock moves in your mouth his buttocks clenching and the look of pure excitement on his face. You relax into everything and push forward rubbing your nose on his stomach trying to get every last millimetre in your mouth and throat all the while fingering your pussy. You feel him in your throat holding it there making you gag before puling back out for you to gasp for air. As he thrusts his cock back into your mouth you can’t believe this what you dreamed would have happened the night before this time with a strangers cock. You feel an orgasm building in your stomach each thrust in your mouth brings your orgasm closer, Then it races through you as he become frantic and you know very soon you will be swallowing his cum. He explodes down your throat and you eagerly swallow the lot as you orgasm again. He pulls out his cock and you cough and splutter his cum from your mouth. You grab his cock squeezing out the last drop licking it greedily from the head of his throbbing cock. You lean back panting getting your breath back and trying to calm your excited body as you watch his cock throb. You can’t help but reach out again kissing his balls then licking the shaft ending with a kiss on the head of his cock. He leans against the wall looking like he may keel over as he recovers putting his cock away. You sit in silence looking at each other both in shock at what you both just did.

“I am sorry if I was a bit rough I just as so frustrated I just got carried away” he say.

“Not a problem. Think it is time we both should get going before we are caught. You go now and I will get dressed and leave in a while” you reply.

He agrees then thank you and leaves. You stay sitting in the cubical curtain closed naked with the taste of cum in your mouth. You move to the chair and rub yourself still naked looking in the mirror at yourself thinking how great you are at teasing men so they just want you. You feel a final orgasm rip through your body. You take your knickers and wipe your face clean of cum and your own cum from your pussy. You get dressed leaving your knickers off as they are socking wet and you don’t want your husband to know it. As you leave you spot you man in the coffee shop and you cant resist one final tease. You walk up to him and with your knickers in your hand you lean over kiss him on the cheek and and slipping your knickers into his pocket you whisper

“Look in your pocket I thought you may like my knickers as a souvenir.” you grin and walk of wiggling your bum knowing he is going to be wanking with your knickers for years to come.

As you open your front door you husband calls out

“Did you get a dress?”

“I did yes.” you reply.

“Did you get anything else” he asks. Grinning to yourself you reply “No just a coffee. “ and under your breath you add “And a hard cock down my throat”.

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