A chance at a new sex life: Part 6

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 6
Last night’s sleep was very restless. With the pain and with the dreams I was having. Most of the dreams consisted of myself with either Stacey or Laura. Always ended the same way. I woke up before the best part.

Normally on Sundays I have work but going with the doctors and mom’s advice, I’ve taken the day off. Derek seems ok about it when I speak to him. Holly will be just as gutted as I was on Thursday when she was off, that I’m not there.

Again, I spend most of the day in my room. I remember that I took that video for Laura so I jump onto my laptop and load it up onto an USB, I don’t watch it though. I think about it but just feels little bit too weird, even with everything going on.

I debate most of the day about going to speak to Stacey about last night. I need to clear the air between us. I don’t want it getting awkward. Well more awkward.

However, I don’t get the chance until after dinner. She was out with friends all day and couldn’t exactly bring it up at dinner in front of our mom.

I wait till a little later and I knock on her door. She calls me in.

“Can we talk?” I ask, slightly opening her door.

“Yeah we can!”

“Thanks” I shuffle into her room and sit on the chair by her desk. She is lying on the bed on her laptop. “I just wanted to make sure you are ok!”

“I’m fine Robbie, Brad has been texting me and calling me.” Her face turning sad.

“What has he been saying?”

“Just calling me names and how I’m worthless without him…” She trails off.

“Stacey ignore that idiot” I move across to sit on the edge of her bed. “He’s the worthless one- and a-woman beater for that matter! You’ll do so much better without him.”

She gives me a weak smile as some tears fall. “Thank you, Robbie.”

“You’ll be ok! It will hurt what he says and missing him but you’ll get past it and be better for it.” I softly take one of her hands, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“You’re right!” She turns her gaze to my eye, “it’s looking slightly better! Does it still hurt?”

“It’s not as bad” I lie, it is a little better but still hurts like hell. “He will be worse!” I joke and we share a laugh.

“Listen Stacey about last night…”

“Robbie what nearly happened can’t happen!”

‘Wow shot down already’ I say to myself.

“We both know what nearly happened and you have to agree with me that it can’t.”

“Yeah that’s what I was going to say!” I lie, my heart sinking.

“Oh, well good. I’m glad you agree. It was a moment of weakness from us and would spell disaster!”

“Totally agree!” ‘Totally don’t agree!’
An evil thought crosses my mind about bringing up her webcam shows but I decide against it. She’s being rational about the kiss, hurting from what’s happened and that would just be a dick move. It might work in my favor but the timings not right.

“I’m glad we cleared things up!” I smile as I give her a hug.

“Yeah me too” she hugs me back and I leave her room.

I slump back onto my bed when I get into my room.
‘Well that didn’t go to plan!’

Mom again suggests that I give college a miss the next day as well, let the swelling go down more. I argue my case as I don’t want to spend another day in the house but that’s just what I do. I’ll have to wait to give Laura the next video. I want to see her reaction to my first solo one.

That night, I load up my laptop and get to the cam show website. I’m glad to see Stacey is there. She’s got a low-cut jumper on that just sits across her chest; her shoulders uncovered. She’s wearing a pair of yoga pants. There’s something off. She’s not doing a sexy dance or even a sexy talk. She’s talking about that she’s going to be going on a break due to personal issues. There is a large mix of dings and begs for her to say. She assures everyone that she will be back soon. With that she logs off and the screen goes black.

‘Got güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to be k**ding me!’

I was mindlessly playing with myself whilst I watched and listened to my sister but now, I have a hard on. Frustrated that she’s gone, I need relief.

I flick through the shows but nothing is satisfying me, I wanted Stacey. I load up her profile and just look at her profile pictures. It’s not the same as watching her live but it does the trick. I cum with a frustrated groan, which is accompanied with a quick sense of shame. The feeling that I know I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s what I want, what my body wants. Holly is a great fuck, Lexi was amazing, even Diane was great too but there’s something about the ones I can’t get.

Mom makes me stay at home again on the Tuesday but thankfully lets me go back the Wednesday. My eye is a lot better but still bruised. The drive there is quiet, a sense of awkwardness still between Stacey and I. We say our goodbyes and go our spectate ways.

“What happened Robbie?” Jessica approaches me with Melody before class.

“Oh this, nothing really! Just an accident!” I wasn’t in the mood to tell people how I got into a fight.

“You look like shit!” She adds.

“Geez thanks Jess!” I smile and laugh.

“Are you ok?” Melody asks more timidly.

“Yeah, I’m fine, kind of glad to be back and out of the house!”

“I’m glad you’re ok!” Jessica moves forward and hugs me as the school bell rings. “Join us for lunch today?”

I look to Melody, who simply smiles. “Yeah sure!”

“Great, see you guys later!” She shouts as she bounds off.

“Sorry about her.” Melody softly says.

“She’s ok, has a way with words” we both laugh a little.

“I am glad you are ok though!” She gently squeezes my arm. I feel she wants to hug me but the moment passes.

As we enter class, a lot of eyes are on me, including Laura’s. Hers with more concern than the rest. “It’s good to see you Robbie, you’ll need to catch up with what you missed Monday.”

“I can help Miss Davidson!” Melody says raising her hand.

“Great, thank you Melody! In safe hands Robbie!” Laura winks to me.

The class goes quickly and its lunchtime in no time. “Robbie can I borrow you a sec?”

“Sure, Melody I’ll catch you outside?”

Melody simply nods as she leaves.

“Oh Robbie! Are you ok? What happened to your eye??” Her voice unlike her teacher voice, it was full of worry.

“I’m fine Laura, it’s nothing!”

“Doesn’t look nothing, looks like you’ve been in a fight?!”

“No fooling you” I smirk.

“Now why would a smart handsome boy like you go fighting?”

“I’d rather not explain Laura; I didn’t start it but I was for a good reason!” I say hoping she won’t pry further.

“Mmmm ok! Just don’t make it a habit. Don’t want any damage to that beautiful young face!” She says as she holds her hand to my face, lightly tracing around my bruised eye.

“I promise! I do have something for you though!” I say pulling my USB out.

Her eyes lighten up with glee as she snuggles the USB into her bag.

“Enjoy that one!” I grin as I leave the classroom.

Thankfully again, Melody isn’t hanging outside the classroom. I do catch up with her just outside.

“What was that ab… Sorry I’m being nosey again!” She hangs her head.

“It’s ok, Miss Davidson was just worried about my eye. Said she wouldn’t be doing her job if she didn’t ask!”

“Oh, ok. That’s good of her!”

“Yeah she is one of the good ones. Mind telling me what I missed on Monday?”

“Sure!” She smiles as Jessica joins us and we go to their same spot and have lunch. Melody quickly filling me in with what I missed, which wasn’t much to be honest. Jessica spends the rest of lunch quizzing me about my eye but I keep deflecting her.

Even with all the questions from Jessica, it’s a nice lunch. I like spending time with the girls. perabet We actually make plans to hang out on Saturday which will make a change for me.

The drive home is the same, we talk a little more but just about our days. We spend the night as a family in front of the tv. Mom carrying most of the conversations. Asking about how school was and this and that.

I get through Thursday morning and make it too work, I’m glad to see Holly is there. She comes running over to me and wraps me in a big hug.

“Damn Sis!” Aidan calls from behind the counter. “It’s not like he’s back from the dead!”

Holly holds me tighter in a hug “it’s just good to see you Robbie! Oh my god your eye?!”

“Hi Holly!” I laugh. “It’s good to see you too!”

“What happened?” She holds her hand to my face.

“It’s nothing” I shrug off the question but hold her hand and take it away. I move past her to put my bag into the back room. I’m quickly ambushed by Holly again who locks lips with me. Her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

“God I’ve missed you!” She moans.

“I have too!”

She kisses me again with heated passion. Her hands roaming around my body and feeling for my crotch. “I need this! I’ve missed this!” She grabs my hand and leads it to under her mini skirt “she’s missed you more!

My hand is greeted with a bare shaven pussy. I can’t help but move my fingers up and down her slit. Her soft pussy lips begin to become wet as my fingers find her entrance.

“Oh Robbie” she softly coos as she kisses my neck.

I slide my finger inside her. Holly’s head falls back in a silent gasp. My finger is quickly coated in her juices. I slide my finger all the way in and curl it inside her. Slowly pulling it out, I step back from her and hold my finger to her mouth. She eagerly sucks my finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

“Mmmm fuck I want you now!”

“Later!” I say as I kiss her on the lips and go out to the front of the shop. Holly takes a little longer to follow and as she does, she has her fingers to her lips. I can see a glistening on them.

‘Wow she really is bad!’

The shift drags as usual and made worse by Holly’s continual teasing. Deliberately bending over and showing me her bare ass and pussy when she knows I can see but no one else can.

Finally, it’s closing time and we can get cleaned up. I’m so horny and so ready for Holly but her brother won’t leave.

I’m cashing up the register when Holly speaks to Aidan.

“Aidan you get going we’ve got this!”

“It’s ok I’ll help.”

“So, you’ll check the stoke and count inventory?”

“Eh on second though I’ll see you guys later?”

“Good idea!” She smiles

“Later Aidan!” I shout as Aidan waves and leaves the store.

Holly is already next to me and I don’t have a chance before she’s kissing me again. It’s hot and passionate. Our tongues hungry for each other.

“I need your cock!” She says as she kneels down behind the counter. She quickly pulls at my apron and pants; she tugs at them and pulls my cock out. She wastes no time sucking it into her mouth. Her lips wrap around it as she quickly bobs her head up and down.

I am so lost in the moment of bliss that I almost don’t realize Aidan comes back to the store. I grab Holly by the hair, pulling her off my cock.

“You’re back?” I say surprised.

“Yeah left my bag in the office!”

I’m frozen still but Holly isn’t, a large grin on her face she forces her way back onto my cock. My hand still on her hair I try to stop her but she’s too keen. She licks at my tip and gets the head back into my mouth.

Luckily the way the shop is set up, Aidan can’t see down behind the counter unless he comes back round. He disappears into the office.

“You have to stop or he’ll notice!” I quietly growl at Holly.

“So? It’s so hot!” She goes back to sucking me. I can’t stop her; it feels so perabet giriş good.

Moments later Aidan comes back out of the office.

“Catch ya!” He waves as he leaves again.

“Holy fuck that was close” I gasp.

“I know but I’m so turned on!”

“You are trouble!”

“I know. Hold my hair again! Control me!” She half pleads, half demands.

I do as requested and take her hair into my hand again. I have full control of her motion as I pull her back onto my cock. She happily takes it and sucks with renewed vigor. God, she feels so good. I pull her head closer to me, edging more of my cock into her mouth. She continues to take it until I hit the back of her throat. She gags but her hands are on my ass and pulling me to her. I hold for several more seconds before releasing her. With a loud gasp she struggles for air.

“Again” she simply says.

I do the same again but with more force this time. I hold her for longer as well. I keep doing this serval times before I feel that usual sensation building within. I pull out of her and starting ramming the first few inches in and out of her mouth. She keeps up with me and soon I’m pumping load after load of cum into her mouth.

I release my hold of her and stable myself against the back counter. Holly doesn’t let up though. She continues to suck me into her mouth. Making sure she gathers every last drop of cum. Pulling me from her mouth and with a loud swallow the load is gone.

I lean against the counter and breath heavy.
“Mmmmm so good” she moans licking her lips and catching the last drops of cum. “I need more though!”

“Holly I don’t know…”

“Just lie down!” She stands up and turns my shoulders and somehow, I follow her lead. Without resistance I lie down on the floor. It’s a little chilly on my ass but that’s quickly replaced by Holly straddling down on top of me.

My cock is now at half-mast but she presses her wet pussy against it. She slowly grinds against my cock. Swaying her hips backward and forward.

Even though I’ve just came, it’s feels good her sliding up and down me.

She pulls her top off and pulls her breasts from her bra. Her nipples are like rocks. She pulls and tugs on them.

Thanks to the sight of her perky breasts and her pussy rubbing against me, I’m hard again in no time. Holly knows it.

Wordlessly she eases herself up and lines my cock to her. She sinks down on it to the base, gasping loudly as my cock invades her pussy. She re adjusts herself before she starts to bounce up and down.

I hold her by the hips as she bounces up and down on me. Thankfully I’ve already came or there’s a good chance I wouldn’t last long. Her pussy hugs every inch of my cock as she continues to fuck me.

Her hands are tightly gripping her tits and squeezing as she nears her climax. With a loud scream she slams down on top of me. “Uugghhhh” she cries.

I feel I could cum again so I begin to fuck her in return. I lift my hips off the ground and start to pump into her. It’s hard and awkward but I try my best to fuck her as hard and as fast as possible. I hold out long enough and I’m rewarded as she cums again. Her pussy tightening around me as I cum again.

We both cry with ecstasy as we cum loudly. I slump back down onto the ground as Holly sits on top of me. My cock still deep inside her.

“That was amazing Robbie!” She says, her eyes still closed, basking in her come down.

“You’re amazing!” And I wasn’t lying, she sucks cock good and fucks better.

Eventually Holly climbs off and goes to get cleaned up. As usual I quickly deal with the camera footage although this time it’s a different camera. I’m not sure how much this one captured but I need to deal with it regardless.

We lock up, kiss and walk out separate ways. As I walk home, I think about Holly. I really do like her. She’s cute, caring, funny and not to admit a great fuck. I think about taking things further with her. Right now, it’s just sex but there could be more. It’s not fair on her though that I have my sights set on others. Maybe one day it might go further but what’s the big deal with having a fuck buddy?!

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